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Methane Studios works with many agencies and organizations to create unique commercial designs that bring great art to the masses.
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Getting into trouble at school for drawing all over my homework led me to Columbus College of Art and Design and – eventually – meeting Robert Lee. We bonded over beer, music and, of course, art. We moved to Atlanta to escape Ohio winters and see what Atlanta had to offer. I married, started a family and then decided to just have some fun. From screen printing gig posters in my garage, Methane Studios was born.

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Rural Ohio roots and a passion for drawing lead to art school and a partnership with Mark McDevitt. I am committed to making art that I can be proud of – a journey that started with jobs illustrating for newspapers and t-shirt design. After a chance meeting with a local club owner, Methane Studios was born and I am alive and happy creating art in the good ole South. I get to draw and color with one of my best friends for a living. It's all good.

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